Sepahan Solar Compressor Oil D 46


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Sepahan Solar Compressor Oil D 46

Sepahan Solar Compressor D 46 oil is produced by Sepahan Oil Company in the country and competes with foreign products due to its latest standards. Sepahan Oil Company is one of the four most popular brands of lubricant products in the country, which has attracted the attention of many consumers due to years of experience in the production of industrial oils, motor oils, and greases.

Compressor D solar oil is formulated from mineral base oil and suitable additives with excellent quality with high cleaning properties as air compressor lubricants of spiral and vane rotary type. The additives used in this oil cause oxidation resistance, protect the system from rust, and ultimately increase the life of the system. One of the features of this oil is the rapid release of air without creating foam in the system.

Sepahan Solar Compressor D 46 oil is a very durable oil made from high-quality raw materials that is produced by Sepahan Oil Company in the country. This product follows the latest international standards and has different grades.


  • Blade rotary compressors
  • Spiral compressors


This product is produced in the form of a 208-liter barrel.

Purchase price of compressor solar oil D 46

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