Iranol Special Grade Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil Royal Plus


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Multi-grade engine oil for gasoline and diesel

Iranol Royal Plus has been selected using all-synthetic base oil and high quality additives for use in all seasons and weather conditions.

Performance levels

A3 / B3-04, A3 / B4-04, C3-08, A1 / B1-04, A5 / B8-04, C2-08ACEA
502.00 / 505.00VW


Excellent anti-oxidation and thermal stability
Excellent cleaning and preventing the deposition of harmful compounds due to combustion and oxidation.
Anti-wear and controlling erosion of engine parts
Neutralizing properties of acids resulting from oxidation and combustion to prevent corrosion of engine parts
Increasing engine life and power to a premium level
Lubrication of parts at low temperatures, especially at the moment of starting
Maintain the viscosity of the oil throughout consumption
Excellent ability to remove excess heat from the engine to maintain the metallurgical structure of the parts
Reducing oil consumption and reduce costs
High protection of parts against acidic agents


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