About Us

Introducing Ghezel Oil Company

Ghezelvil Nazem Co. benefits from the experience and technical knowledge, with the aim of meeting the needs of employers and owners of established industries and emphasizing the quality and variety of services and efforts to satisfy customers.

Representatives of reputable domestic and foreign brands, in addition to the responsibility of supply and sale, declare their readiness to provide engineering services, technical and laboratory consulting and customer needs assessment in the field of providing all kinds of industrial, specialized and sub-specialized lubricants.

List of some available products:

Oils for hydraulic systems, oils for power transmission systems and industrial gears, process oils for rubber industries, oils and emulsions of metalworking operations, cutting and turning of metals, oils for heat treatment and plating of metals, special oils Textile industries and machine tools. Oils Required for Power Plants and Electrical Industries: Turbine Oil, Transformer Oils (Electrical Insulation) Oils for Industries and Equipment: Compressor Oils, Cooling and Cooling Compressor Oils, Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Oils, Types of lubricants and industrial oils used in Oil, gas and petrochemical industries, specialized oils and greases of pharmaceutical and food industries (food grade) and various oils required for agricultural machinery, mines and road construction.

Supply products from Ghezel oil are of national and global quality and standards and cover all the grades required by the country’s industries.

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